Vote No to Lisbon Treaty

People Before Profit Alliance

Debate on Lisbon Treaty- Rathmines Tonight


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People Before Profit Alliance on Q&A again

Rory Hearne, People Before Profit Alliance challenged the yes side on Questions and Answers on Monday 26th May

Watch video of debate here:

Scroll to 6 mins and 20 secs into the debate

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Richard Boyd Barrett- Speaking in Wexford on Lisbon Treaty

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No to Lisbon Press Conference

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Labour Party attempts to distort the facts in Lisbon debate

A claim by the Labour Party that the No Campaign have misrepresented the position of the European Trade Union Council (ETUC) is entirely false and a distortion of fact. In a statement issue today by Eamon Gilmore TD, the Labour Leader claims attempts have been made by “Irish opponents of the Treaty to misrepresent the position of the ETUC…”

However, People Before Profit Alliance have today confirmed that the ETUC have indeed called for a social progress clause to be added to the Lisbon Treaty. In correspondence with the People Before Profit Alliance in recent weeks, the ETUC confirmed that the “ETUC asked for a social clause and that our affiliates are aware of it.”

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Richard Boyd Barrett challenges former Taoiseach on Lisbon Treaty

To watch the above discussion click here

Richard Boyd Barrett, from the People Before Profit Alliance in a debate with former Taoiseach Dr. Gareth Fitzgerald on RTE’s Six One News this evening called on people to read the Lisbon treaty for themselves and not to rely on the spin.

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People Before Profit & CAEUC No Campaign on Questions and Answers

Peadar O Grady, People Before Profit Alliance on Questions and Answers last night, 19th May 2008

Brendan Young, CAEUC (Campaign Against the European Constitution)

Watch debate click here

Peadar O Grady appears at: 3 mins 41 secs

Brendan Young appears at: 11 mins 02 secs

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Campaigners call for Lisbon ‘No’ vote

An alliance of groups campaigning for a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum has claimed there is “no truth” in the assertion by senior trade union figures that a Yes vote will give more rights to Irish workers.

The Campaign Against the EU Constitution, an alliance of 13 groups and individuals including People Before Profit Alliance, Sinn Fén and the Socialist Party, today opened its campaign claiming Lisbon “offers nothing” to the Irish people.


It called on Ictu general secretary David Begg and Blair Horan of the CPSU to state how the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which would be made binding under Lisbon, would protect workers.

Spokesman for the campaign group Brendan Young said: “David Begg and Blair Horan are leading people to believe that the Charter of Fundamental Rights would give us more rights and that it would prevent another Laval ruling by the European Court of Justice. We are of the opinion, supported by legal advice, that there is no truth in these claims. We call on Mr Begg and Mr Horan to say precisely how the Charter would prevent another Laval ruling.”


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Leading No campaigner to debate former Taoiseach in Lisbon debate tomorrow

As part of the National Forum on Europe meeting in Wexford tomorrow evening, leading No campaigner Richard Boyd Barrett of the People Before Profit Alliance will debate former Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald on the Lisbon Treaty.

Speaking prior to the meeting Boyd Barrett said “This is an important debate to have as the Yes side are being dishonest in the way in which they are presenting the Treaty.”

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CPSU General Secretary’s claims on Lisbon Treaty are misleading

The People Before Profit Alliance challenges Blair Horan, General Secretary of the Civil and Public Services Union on a number of recent misleading claims he has made in support of the Lisbon Treaty.

Mr Horan has spoken in support of Lisbon Treaty citing the addition of “important social values” to internal market rules and that the commitment to “undistorted competition” has been removed.

On Public Services Mr Horan claims that the Treaty would not lead to further liberalisation of public services because, he claims, the treaty does not affect the competency of member states to provide public services. He relies on Article 2 of the Protocol on Services of General Interest to support his position.

Speaking for the People Before Profit Alliance, Dublin Central Convenor, Eddie Conlon, said: “Mr Horan’s claims are unfounded and misleading. A protocol attached to the Lisbon Treaty states that ‘Considering that the internal market as set out in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union includes a system ensuring that competition is not distorted…’, which means undistorted competition is still the key principle driving EU policy and not social values.”

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