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Charter of Fundamental Rights nothing but window dressing

The much vaunted Charter of Fundamental Rights is nothing but soft-sell window-dressing, according to Ailbhe Smyth, Co-Convenor of the People Before Profit Alliance.

“It was designed to shift the focus of attention from the market, business and profit-driven thrust of the Treaty as a whole. The vast majority of the rights included are already protected by other European and international human rights instruments, and that it fails to provide important new EU-wide rights for citizens.”

“Rights enumerated in the Charter are applicable only to the areas of EU law, and many of the articles contain a clause limiting rights ‘in accordance with national laws and practices’.”

“The Charter in fact rolls back workers’ rights by failing to include a clause requiring the recognitions of trades unions. Basing its judgements on the Charter, the European Court of Justice has recently ruled against workers’ rights and in favour of employers and business interests. She added that nowhere in the Charter, nor in the Treaty as a whole, is there any commitment to the eradication of poverty.”


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