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CPSU General Secretary’s claims on Lisbon Treaty are misleading

The People Before Profit Alliance challenges Blair Horan, General Secretary of the Civil and Public Services Union on a number of recent misleading claims he has made in support of the Lisbon Treaty.

Mr Horan has spoken in support of Lisbon Treaty citing the addition of “important social values” to internal market rules and that the commitment to “undistorted competition” has been removed.

On Public Services Mr Horan claims that the Treaty would not lead to further liberalisation of public services because, he claims, the treaty does not affect the competency of member states to provide public services. He relies on Article 2 of the Protocol on Services of General Interest to support his position.

Speaking for the People Before Profit Alliance, Dublin Central Convenor, Eddie Conlon, said: “Mr Horan’s claims are unfounded and misleading. A protocol attached to the Lisbon Treaty states that ‘Considering that the internal market as set out in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union includes a system ensuring that competition is not distorted…’, which means undistorted competition is still the key principle driving EU policy and not social values.”

“As for public services, speaking on the Service of General Interest in November 2007 the Commission said in effect that most services are considered to be Services of General Economic Interest and are therefore subject to EU competition rules.  These services are covered by article 1 of the Protocol.”

In fact, IBEC recently stated that “The Lisbon Reform Treaty creates the legal basis for the liberalisation of services of general economic interest. A yes vote for the Lisbon Treaty creates the potential for increased opportunities for Irish business particularly in areas subject to increasing liberalisation such as Health, Education, Transport, Energy and the Environment”

It is also the case that under Article 188C (4) the veto in relation to international trade agreements will be removed for social, health and education.  This will make it easier to open them up to competition.

As for the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the charter will not have the same weight in EU decision making as the four freedoms, particularly the freedom to provide services, guaranteed by EU Treaties. This is clear given the outcome of recent cases before the European Court of Justice particularly the Laval case, which has sent shock waves through the European Trade Union Movement and led to the European Trade Union Confederation calling for an amendment to the Treaty. This amendment to the treaty can only come about by an Irish No Vote forcing renegotiation.

The People Before Profit Alliance urge all trade unionists to reject this treaty.

For further details contact:

Eddie Conlon, People Before Profit Alliance

087 677 5468


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