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People Before Profit Alliance

Latest Poll shows establishment parties out of touch with people’s views on Lisbon- People Before Profit Alliance

The latest Irish Times Poll shows establishment parties out of touch with people’s views on Lisbon- People Before Profit Alliance. The People Before Profit Alliance is campaigning against the Lisbon Treaty because of the impacts a ratified Treaty will have on democracy, public services and militarisation.

People Before Profit will be delivering tens of thousands of leaflets and canvassing in the last few days of the campaign.

Ailbhe Smyth, spokesperson for People Before Profit Alliance said:

“This recent poll confirms the message we’re hearing from voters all over the country: the Treaty is incomprehensible, the explanatory brochure from the Referendum Commission fails to explain it, and the YES side can’t manage to give us any sound reasons as to why we should vote Yes. We have felt the tide turning in the No direction over the past few days and believe that the Treaty will be closely rejected by the electorate.”

Richard Boyd Barrett of the People Before Profit Alliance said:

“The results of the Poll show that a majority of Irish people are opposed to the Lisbon Treaty as they are concerned about the increasing power of the EU, the introduction of water charges, private companies into public services, the reduction in worker’s conditions and the drive to increase military cooperation that is at the heart of the Lisbon Treaty.

For No speakers from People Before Profit contact:

Ailbhe Smyth 0872055433

Richard Boyd Barrett 0876329511

Eddie Conlon 0876775468


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People Before Profit Alliance on Q&A again

Rory Hearne, People Before Profit Alliance challenged the yes side on Questions and Answers on Monday 26th May

Watch video of debate here:

Scroll to 6 mins and 20 secs into the debate

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Group says voters kept ignorant about treaty

The People Before Profit Alliance has launched its campaign calling on people to vote No in the upcoming referendum.

The group says it will be distributing thousands of leaflets and canvassing doors in 15 constituencies as part of its campaign.

The alliance describes itself as a group that wants to reverse policies that place wealth creation for the few over the welfare of communities.

It is opposing the Lisbon Treaty on three main grounds.

It says the treaty will lead to a further militarisation of the EU and obliges member states to make their facilities available for EU military activity.

It claims Lisbon reduces the areas where governments can veto policy proposals.

And the alliance also claims that the treaty makes privatisation of public services, including health and education systems, easier.

The group claims voters are not being given the facts and says voters should not be bullied into voting yes.

(Taken from:

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