Vote No to Lisbon Treaty

People Before Profit Alliance


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Victory for No Campaign in Lisbon Treaty

NO Vote 53.4%

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Yes side “brow beating” the public into voting for the treaty

A No campaigner in the Lisbon Treaty today accused the Yes side of “brow beating” the public into voting for the treaty and of misrepresenting key issues in the debate.

People Before Profit canvass on Grafton Street today

Richard Boyd Barrett, of the People Before Profit Alliance, today accused those campaigning for a Yes vote in Thursday’s referendum of raising “straw-man” arguments as part of their campaign tactics. He also accused some sections of the media of ignoring the real issues by over-focusing on business interests in the debate.

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Treaty ‘will speed up’ health privatisation

Women Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon Treaty would accelerate the privatisation of health and social services, making access to these more difficult for women and children, a press conference heard.

The treaty would lead to a Europe that sees women as economic producers first and foremost, said Ailbhe Smith, academic and member of the People Before Profit organisation.

One of 10 women who spoke at a press conference of women against the treaty, she said the “much vaunted” Charter of Fundamental Rights failed to give new protections to women “and nowhere is the key issue of childcare addressed”.

Watch RTE NEWS REPORT here, press conference at end of report on Lisbon Treaty.

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Debate on Lisbon Treaty- Rathmines Tonight

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Labour Party attempts to distort the facts in Lisbon debate

A claim by the Labour Party that the No Campaign have misrepresented the position of the European Trade Union Council (ETUC) is entirely false and a distortion of fact. In a statement issue today by Eamon Gilmore TD, the Labour Leader claims attempts have been made by “Irish opponents of the Treaty to misrepresent the position of the ETUC…”

However, People Before Profit Alliance have today confirmed that the ETUC have indeed called for a social progress clause to be added to the Lisbon Treaty. In correspondence with the People Before Profit Alliance in recent weeks, the ETUC confirmed that the “ETUC asked for a social clause and that our affiliates are aware of it.”

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Richard Boyd Barrett challenges former Taoiseach on Lisbon Treaty

To watch the above discussion click here

Richard Boyd Barrett, from the People Before Profit Alliance in a debate with former Taoiseach Dr. Gareth Fitzgerald on RTE’s Six One News this evening called on people to read the Lisbon treaty for themselves and not to rely on the spin.

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People Before Profit & CAEUC No Campaign on Questions and Answers

Peadar O Grady, People Before Profit Alliance on Questions and Answers last night, 19th May 2008

Brendan Young, CAEUC (Campaign Against the European Constitution)

Watch debate click here

Peadar O Grady appears at: 3 mins 41 secs

Brendan Young appears at: 11 mins 02 secs

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Leading No campaigner to debate former Taoiseach in Lisbon debate tomorrow

As part of the National Forum on Europe meeting in Wexford tomorrow evening, leading No campaigner Richard Boyd Barrett of the People Before Profit Alliance will debate former Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald on the Lisbon Treaty.

Speaking prior to the meeting Boyd Barrett said “This is an important debate to have as the Yes side are being dishonest in the way in which they are presenting the Treaty.”

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People not being told truth about text, says Alliance

Take from Irish Times 15/05/08

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