Vote No to Lisbon Treaty

People Before Profit Alliance

Treaty ‘will speed up’ health privatisation

Women Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon Treaty would accelerate the privatisation of health and social services, making access to these more difficult for women and children, a press conference heard.

The treaty would lead to a Europe that sees women as economic producers first and foremost, said Ailbhe Smith, academic and member of the People Before Profit organisation.

One of 10 women who spoke at a press conference of women against the treaty, she said the “much vaunted” Charter of Fundamental Rights failed to give new protections to women “and nowhere is the key issue of childcare addressed”.

Watch RTE NEWS REPORT here, press conference at end of report on Lisbon Treaty.

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No to Lisbon Press Conference

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Campaigners call for Lisbon ‘No’ vote

An alliance of groups campaigning for a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum has claimed there is “no truth” in the assertion by senior trade union figures that a Yes vote will give more rights to Irish workers.

The Campaign Against the EU Constitution, an alliance of 13 groups and individuals including People Before Profit Alliance, Sinn Fén and the Socialist Party, today opened its campaign claiming Lisbon “offers nothing” to the Irish people.


It called on Ictu general secretary David Begg and Blair Horan of the CPSU to state how the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which would be made binding under Lisbon, would protect workers.

Spokesman for the campaign group Brendan Young said: “David Begg and Blair Horan are leading people to believe that the Charter of Fundamental Rights would give us more rights and that it would prevent another Laval ruling by the European Court of Justice. We are of the opinion, supported by legal advice, that there is no truth in these claims. We call on Mr Begg and Mr Horan to say precisely how the Charter would prevent another Laval ruling.”


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People Before Profit Press Conference

Video of the press conference can be viewed here

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Group says voters kept ignorant about treaty

The People Before Profit Alliance has launched its campaign calling on people to vote No in the upcoming referendum.

The group says it will be distributing thousands of leaflets and canvassing doors in 15 constituencies as part of its campaign.

The alliance describes itself as a group that wants to reverse policies that place wealth creation for the few over the welfare of communities.

It is opposing the Lisbon Treaty on three main grounds.

It says the treaty will lead to a further militarisation of the EU and obliges member states to make their facilities available for EU military activity.

It claims Lisbon reduces the areas where governments can veto policy proposals.

And the alliance also claims that the treaty makes privatisation of public services, including health and education systems, easier.

The group claims voters are not being given the facts and says voters should not be bullied into voting yes.

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